Photo Credit: Yellowstone, Paramount Network

The other day I decided to dive into something completely outside my usual genre. “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser. The show has many other great actors involved, but I truly watched for Cole Hauser (I have been a fan since “Higher Learning” circa 1995, check it out!). The first thing I thought was, why in the world would anyone live in the middle of all this land? Then after a few episodes, I started to get it. Living that close to agriculture and being a part of the essential maintenance of that agriculture is intriguing to this California girl. Although it feels rather difficult at times, life on the ranch provides a certain amount of regulation. A sort of guidance that happens through natural consequences that occur daily. Like any show, there is lots of drama, and I am interested to see how it goes. I will have to discuss my experience with the whole show in a few months.

#Yellowstone #drama #outsidemyusual

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

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