Before the pandemic, my friend and I would go to the “artsy” theater in town and see independent (and, as my husband says, “depressing movies”) films. Well, my friend and I just got it back going in 2024, and we have seen some really good films thus far! Most recently, we saw “Cabrini.”

Francesca Cabrini was an Italian Nun who arrived in New York in 1889 on a mission to change the world through love and kindness. Upon her arrival, she was greeted with… well, let’s say, LESS than love and kindness. This movie was so well done that I felt every step she took and every disappointment she faced, and I could draw strength from what this woman faced. Like so many of our ancestors, she had to confront UNIMAGINABLE evil from those whose only goal was to keep us in our place. Unfortunately, it continues today. But knowing Mother Cabrini’s story provided me even more proof that women are unstoppable.

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

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