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30 day expert-led burnout recovery and stress management course to kick-start change in your life

Get clarity. Get unstuck. Get in charge of your life. Oh! Did I mention all within 30 days?

I love Kimberly!! This reset challenge helped me pick myself up and start working towards my goals again.

-LeAnn P.

Kimberly is warm, bright, and very dedicated to helping her clients excel in their career and personal lives.

-LK Garcia

I’m glad I signed up for this challenge – it really helped me realize what I was struggling with.

-Anon client

Online Reset Challenge led by
Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

Take a pause to reset your life

The 30-Day Ultimate Life Reset Challenge is a comprehensive stress management course designed to transform the way you manage your life and improve stress management. With 17 years of experience in the mental health field, this is the real deal - a psychology based life management coaching challenge focused on tackling the root causes of why you’re feeling stressed, stuck, and not able to get yourself started in reaching your goals.

This challenge combines deep self-reflection journaling, expert developed tools, bite-size video lessons, and engaging live group coaching in a strategic way to help you create meaningful changes to your behaviors and mindset and awaken new perspectives.

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren, expert online life coach, smiling in a professional setting

Inside the 30-Day Ultimate Life Reset Challenge

If we look at your 5 primary life areas, we have a pretty good understanding of how you are doing and can build on that strong foundation of awareness. We will dive deep into how you’re really doing and work on reframing your perspectives, so we can have honest and empowering conversation when creating plans to get you out of this stuck, imbalanced, or unproductive state.

You’re the boss of your own life. Don’t you think the boss deserves some top-notch training to do the job well?

Begin the stress management course with a welcome video from Dr. Kimberly, a life assessment kit, and course kick-off content to set the stage for all of the work you’ll do over the next 30 days

It’s time to dive in! You’ll spend one week with daily reflection journal prompts that dive into assessing things like your primary life areas, discuss your current mindset, and analyze how and where you’re spending your time. Expect daily journaling assignments, video lessons, and a Q&A livestream discussion at the end of the week to review questions from others going through the course and hot topics relating to the coaching content. 

Identifying the issues and your strengths is critical. You’ll spend one week in the Identify module with daily reflection journal prompts that dive into identifying things that are holding you back, your identity roles, boundary setting opportunities, time management skills, and what makes you feel fulfilled. Expect daily journaling assignments, video lessons, and a Q&A livestream discussion at the end of the week.

Prioritizing the things you discover during this reset is how you make change happen. You’ll spend one week in the Prioritize module with daily reflection journal prompts that dive deep into making tough decisions about prioritizing your needs, goals, and wants in life. Expect daily journaling assignments, video lessons, and a Q&A livestream discussion at the end of the week.

Now comes the fun part we all love – outlining a plan on how to make change actually happen. You’ll spend one week in the Plan module with daily reflection journal prompts that require you to create new routines, discover healthy coping mechanisms, accountability skills, and cement your plan into place. Expect daily journaling assignments, video lessons, and a Q&A livestream discussion at the end of the week.

For you to get meaning from this reset challenge, you have to commit. You’ll spend 2 days locking into the Commit module to remind yourself why you started this reset challenge and how you’re going to make change happen. I’ll be there with you for a livestream celebration and final accountability commitment session so you can forge ahead, making things !

  • Dr. Kimberly VanBuren conducting an online stress management course with materials displayed

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    • 30 Workbook Journal Lessons

    • 15 Bite-Size Video Lessons

    • 4+ hours of live stream group Q&A coaching

    • Bonus access to the Balancing Act resource library

    • Exclusive membership to the Balancing Act Facebook peer community


If you have any other questions about reset challenges, send me an email!

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Whenever your Enroll/Purchase the course, the dates displayed as ‘Next Course Dates:  date – date’ at the time of purchase is when your course will become available. The course will unlock for you at 12:00 AM Central Standard Time on the first day.

My life management coaching practices are focused on helping women who feel overwhelmed, overburdened, and need help getting on a path to achieving goals they have. This could look like a mom who has always had dreams of owning a bakery, but continues to make no progress because life always gets in the way. Or it could look like a woman in the middle of her career and tired of doing the same things over and over and is looking to feel excited about life again and figure out what she enjoys.

Reset Challenges are hosted online in the member portal. When you enroll in a course, you will create a login that you use to access the member portal and interact with your courses.

During the Ultimate Life Reset challenge, you will interact with Dr. Kimberly every week in live stream Q&A coaching sessions, but also through occasional quizzes & email check-ins. If you have any questions or are struggling with anything during the course, please send an email to

Journaling challenges are a great way to reflect, but you only have your own accountability to rely on and often it can be challenging to know what to do next. This reset challenge was created strategically to pair the best parts of self-reflection with coaching, video content, and strategic modules you work through so that when you exit the challenge, you have a clear path forward. Plus, you have an accountability coach in me, encouraging you along the way, and peers also going through the course at the same time!

Everyone’s journey is different, but the most common results from this challenge are a) feeling more in tune with yourself b) feeling more motivated to tackle change in your life c) experiencing clarity in where exactly you need to tackle change in your life and d) having a roadmap for the goals you set for yourself.

That is up to you! Some clients found enough clarity and energy through the challenge to tackle their goals on their own. Other clients feel like they have clarity, but need guidance on how to reach the goals or actually implement the changes they want to. If you find yourself in the latter category, life management coaching may be a good solution for you! Click here to learn more about 1:1 Coaching.