Interested in Individual Services?

I understand that there are times when we ALL need a little assistance with getting our lives balanced. I am here to assist you and your loved ones get back on track. Working with families, couples and children has been my passion for over a decade. In particular, America’s finest, our military population. I enjoy serving those who have served us all so bravely.
Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as other therapeutic models like Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative and Solution Focused therapy have all been extremely effective.
I am a veteran myself and understand what military family life can entail. We are a special population that often requires a different understanding as to what constitutes “normal” family life.
I see individuals from ages 12 and up who are dealing with every issue to include, anxiety, depression, PTSD, work burn out, difficulty relating to teenage children, difficulty managing busy schedules and bullying.
Please do not waste your life worrying about your issues instead of working on your issues.