I have been super busy creating ways to assist my clients with real change in their lives. So much so, that I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Because, I am no stranger to this feeling, I knew I had to implement a plan! Normally I seek solitude and reflection during busy periods to relax. But lately, I’ve been craving something different – a break from constant thinking. I’ve turned to lighthearted, uncomplicated short stories, which serve as a quick and effective escape from the daily grind. Escapism is not always about avoidance but about taking breaks to recharge. Recognizing the signs of burnout and embracing self-care in various forms is crucial. Whether through audiobooks or movies, escapism offers a valuable respite. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider exploring the world of escapism. Jump into something fun and quick that can grant your mind the relaxation it deserves. In the battle against burnout, a bit of escapism can renew your spirit and reset your mind to help you face life’s challenges!

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

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