When employees thrive, organizations succeed.

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Your people are your greatest asset.

Stressed employees deal with burnout, chronic fatigue, and have difficulty maintaining positivity or productivity.

As this stress persists, your workforce is more likely to suffer health problems, more likely to be absent, less efficient, less sociable, and the overall organization will begin to suffer soon after.

It is beneficial for both the employer and employee to implement strategies to promote long-term motivation and well-being in the workplace.

Your employees deserve to be supported.

92% of workers said it is very (57%) or somewhat (35%) important to them to work for an organization that values their emotional and psychological well-being.

95% said it is very (61%) or somewhat (34%) important to them to work for an organization that respects the boundaries between work and nonwork time.

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My organization
services focus on:

Creating meaningful organizational change

When an organization is experiencing a plateaued workforce, it indicates that larger group-setting empowerment and morale-boosting is needed. By bringing in a psychology expert to discuss meaningful topics, employees feel more seen, heard, and supported.

Elevating team’s performance through effective team building and wellness initiatives

Teams need to feel connected and supportive of both each other and their organization to go beyond the minimum. By investing in your employee’s well-being and involving them in group settings where vulnerable topics are discussed, teams leave feeling more connected and trusting.

Inspiring healthier life management practices

Employees have complex life ecosystems they manage. An employee with a balanced life is a much more productive and positive employee.

Inquire about booking Dr. Kimberly

My most popular employee wellness and team building topics

Leading with purpose

Purpose can’t be faked. Helping your people find a purpose in the work they do is critical for success and their well-being.

Battling Burnout

Leveraging the FLO model to identify where stress is coming from & learning how to take action against stress before it results in burnout.

Winning with Wellness

Greatness stems from wellness. If the human being isn’t take care of, performance in all areas of their life suffers.

Life Management Redefined

Learning how to manage your life effectively unlocks an incredible amount of potential in your well-being, productivity, and happiness.

Overcoming Office Politics

You have likely experienced some form of office politics. Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment.

The Science of Socializing

Explore the different aspects of a team and improve social skills. Social interactions are a two way street - know the rules of the road!

Let’s create a transformative event together!

What kind of events can Dr. Kimberly help your team with?

    • Annual Performance Conferences
    • Wellness Retreats
    • Team Quarterly Coaching
    • Mediation Services
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion events
    • Team Building Events
    • Leadership Offsite Training
    • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
    • Employee Feedback Surveys
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    Anon Client

    I have really, really appreciated her insights and they’ve helped me grow in the direction I’ve wanted

    Anon Client

    I found the review sessions to be helpful!

    LeAnn P.

    I love Kimberly!! This reset challenge helped me pick myself up and start working towards my goals again.

    LK Garcia

    Kimberly is warm, bright, and very dedicated to helping her clients excel in their career and personal lives.

    LeAnn P.

    I love the mindfulness course! I’ve only ever done meditation so this was next level!