“In order for us to be who we ought to be, we must stop being who we are...”

-Dr. Kimberly

My passion as an online life coach is helping women let go of what is holding them back, so they can become who they dream of being.

My approach as an online life coach for women is rooted in my 17 years of experience in the mental health field. My journey began as a medical technician in the Air Force. I discovered my passion during those moments spent talking to patients enduring extended stays. At that time, I was already a licensed mental health clinician, and this newfound calling led me to establish Balancing Act Life Management Services. I realized that “Life Management Services” resonated more with people than traditional “therapy.” This marked the beginning of a mission to bridge the gap in support for the every day person balancing work, life, societal stressors, and just being the complicated humans we are.

Today I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband of 17 years & our 2 dogs, Hamilton and Eliza, where I fulfill my passion as an online life coach helping women become better versions of themselves.

What can you expect when
working with an online life coach?

Change is no small task. Change requires the rewiring of our mindset, habits, and stories we tell ourselves. I break women free from stagnation, stress, and overwhelm by using my proven FLO (Facing Life’s Obstacles) model that builds a plan based on their unique life ecosystem and goals.

Your coaching plan will involve a comprehensive assessment of your life areas, defining your vision for your life, self-reflection work, reviewing and setting goals, discussing progress on previous assignments, and planning clear action steps for future achievements.

My goal in any coaching service of mine that you choose is that you feel empowered to succeed by being given thoughtful strategies, lessons, and tools that are realistic and actionable. I want you to finally realize your potential and feel in charge of your life.

Young woman in a purple sweatshirt holding a smartphone and smiling while working on a laptop
Dr. Kimberly VanBuren working on a laptop at her desk

My proven model to get women from stressed to success.

Facing Life’s Obstacles Model


Analyzing mood, schedule, sleep, relationships, productivity, and health.


Identifying what modifications need to be made.


Placing the changes in order of importance.


Building realistic plans for implementing change.


Committing to the plan and creating stepping stones to success.

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My life management coaching practices are focused on helping women who feel overwhelmed, overburdened, and need help getting on a path to achieving goals they have. This could look like a mom who has always had dreams of owning a bakery, but continues to make no progress because life always gets in the way. Or it could look like a woman in the middle of her career and tired of doing the same things over and over and is looking to feel excited about life again and figure out what she enjoys. 

When to see a therapist

  • You experience mental health symptoms that cause distress in your life (i.e., anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating) and need help addressing those concerns.
  • You want to heal from past hurts or trauma.
  • You’re struggling with an overwhelming feeling that you need to talk out with a professional.
  • You are experiencing relationship issues and could benefit from couples counseling.

When to see a life coach

  • You feel like life is unorganized and you need someone to help organize it with you.
  • You want accountability in setting goals and actually following through on working towards them.
  • You feel like your life is on autopilot, and want to challenge yourself or break out of your comfort zone.
  • You want to stop unhelpful habits and replace them with productive alternatives.
  • You know that your self-limiting self talk keeps you from living your best life and you want to learn how to replace that voice with an empowering one.
  • You feel confused about the next chapter in your life (i.e. struggling with career decisions, major life choices)
  • You know that you have a lot to feel grateful for but something is missing and you need to feel inspired about life.
  • You want to tap your inner motivation for a major goal, such as running a marathon.

I see clients from single sessions, to 6 month plans, varying in the depth we work together. I have found that 3 to 6 months is the right amount of time for majority of clients to establish new habits and actually implement change. 

My goals are for you to feel that your life is more manageable and organized, that you are more empowered and inspired to achieve life goals, that you are more capable and confident to be who you want to be, and that you feel more present and in control of your life, rather than life passing you by.

I am not your typical life coach and I specifically chose the term life management coaching to define my services, because of the skills and action plans I focus on. I focus on the fundamentals of your life, before anything else. We will assess your sleep, mood, relationships, health, and productivity before jumping into goals and trying to reinvent your life. We want the change and goals you’re pursuing to be sustainable and rooted in your real life. I make sure my clients not only reach their future goals, but are effectively managing the life ecosystem that supports those goals happening.

We all have inner critics and limit ourselves. Having a coach allows you to push through your boundaries and push through obstacles people tend to not be able to push through alone. With a background in psychology and therapy, working with me is you going all-in and committing to making it really happen by having an expert’s support. You will feel far more supported, invested, and empowered vs going on the journey alone.