7 Things to STOP Doing to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Creating a balance between our work life and our home life is not easy. It is more of a flow than a balance between the two. Many things must happen for us to create a flow and a balance that is healthy.

To understand how much work goes into having a healthy work-life flow, we must first highlight the things we must stop doing.

  1. Saying Yes
    You absolutely must learn how to tell people NO and mean it. It does not have to be mean or loud, or apologetic. It only needs to be stated clearly, concisely, and kindly. (Check out this reel on IG)
  2. Rushing from Place to Place
    We all have limitations in time, capability, and access. We must acknowledge what is possible and when things are not possible in our schedules and our day-to-day thinking. When you see things are not going as planned, your ability to be flexible in your thinking is essential.
  3. Seeing Everything as a Priority
    Everything cannot be a priority. We know that because we cannot accomplish everything at the same time. Urgent and important are not the same (Check out my worksheet on how to differentiate the two).
  4. Scrolling and Binging
    Scrolling on social media, Netflix, or YouTube is all the same… time sucks! We must be careful about how much time we waste doing these things; if you have unlimited time and are meeting all your goals, great! Binge and scroll along. But if you don’t have enough time for your responsibilities, this is clearly one thing you need to get off your schedule!
  5. Doing Multiple Things at the Same Time
    We all think we are so crafty with our multi-tasking. Guess what? We are not. Our brain was not designed to simultaneously perform two or more tasks at an optimal level. So often, we think we are making the best use of our time, but really, we are not having the full experience in either one of the things that you are doing.
  6. Starting Work as Soon as We Wake Up
    Studies show that a strong morning routine can increase productivity and improve mood. This morning routine could incorporate an activity that grounds you, one that helps you focus, or an activity that produces endorphins. You can try all three!
  7. Comparing Ourselves to Others
    You are the only YOU that there is. No one does what you do exactly the way that you do it. No matter what you do, you cannot be anyone else. Once you accept that fact, the less you will try to compare yourself to others.

You can add many things to this list. We often do not know what does not work until we have experienced it. I would love to hear some of the experiences you have to share!

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

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