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? Measured Increases in Individual Productivity
? Retention of the Best Employees
? Better Teamwork and Communication
? Improved Morale
? Increased Engagement and Commitment Levels
? Improves Physical Health Resulting in Lower Resource Utilization

Individual Benefits

Reduce Stress And Stress Related Issues Such As Hypertension Fatigue And Poor Concentration
Appropriate Prioritization Of Key Work And Life Events
Improved Sleep Habits
Increased Productivity
Improved Relationships Both On And Off The Job



? Reduce Stress and Stress Related Issues i.e. Hypertension
? Appropriate Prioritization of Key Work and Life Events
? Improved Sleep Habits
? Increased Productivity
? Improved Relationships Both on and Off the Job

Life presents challenges to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. You often have no control of the challenges that come your way. Kimberly, of Balancing Act Life Management was a tremendous asset to the military organization that I led. Her expertise is incredibly worthwhile, giving practical advice to help our personnel enjoy life, be more productive while giving all of us actionable behaviors to reduce the stress in our lives. She is gifted in guiding us to ask the right questions in exploring our strengths and weaknesses while helping us define our improvement areas and celebrate our successes. Kimberly is a master at creating a safe place for us to get to know ourselves better and make changes to improve our quality of life. She reinforces to us that the answers are inside us and she does an amazing job helping us find them.


Retired USAF

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

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Healthy Work-Life Balance is Key

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