Dr. Kimberly VanBuren, expert life coach, smiling in a professional setting, wearing a white blazer and glasses.

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

Life Management Coach | Speaker | Author

Life throws a lot at us.

and because we’re resilient, we often turn on the autopilot and manage it…

…but over time, life’s stress causes us to end up overwhelmed, unproductive, and stuck in a loop of fatigue and discontent.

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It's time to reach your goals and take charge of your life.

My goal in online life coaching is to help you understand why you're stuck, confront the bad habits, teach you the skills to living a HEALTHY balanced life and create a real plan so you can finally reach your goals!

The coaching options I offer are tailored to give you coaching however you need it -
30 Day Reset Challenges for a fast-paced & immersive experience, Mastery Courses that are self-led & at your own pace, or Private 1:1 Coaching for the person ready for all-in commitment and a custom coaching plan.

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Dr. Kimberly VanBuren, an expert life coach, smiling and sitting in a cozy office setting with bookshelves in the background. She wears a white shirt and glasses, embodying a friendly and approachable demeanor for life coaching services.

Meet your guide to success

Dr. Kimberly VanBuren

I understand what an unbalanced life looks like. Over my 17 years as a mental health professional, I’ve seen hundreds of clients, each managing their own complex life ecosystem. 90% of my clients all have had an underlying common feeling, no matter what unique frustrations they were facing.

“I feel tired, stressed, stuck in a loop, and fed up.”

My expertise is identifying the strengths and opportunities in a client’s life management skills, so we can tackle the issues and leverage their strengths to regain control.

  • I help people who are

    • Constantly stressed
    • Stuck in a loop
    • Unsure of how to make any change
    • Tired of the same bad habits.
  • Become people who are

    • In control of their behaviors & habits
    • Prioritizing their goals
    • Creating routines & boundaries
    • In tune with their passion & purpose
  • Through the process of

    • Habit re-building
    • Deep self-reflection
    • Goal action plan development
    • Emotional Regulation work
    • Learning life management skills

Online Life Coaching, the way
you need it.

I want support.

Reset Challenges

Crash course group programs with Dr. Kimberly that pack in all of the tools you need to make change while being supported by a like-minded community.
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1:1 Coaching

Customized private coaching with daily accountability and goal plans based on your life assessment results and life goals.
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I want to grow myself.

Mastery Courses

Take charge of your life with bite-sized courses you master at your own pace.
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Organization Coaching

Organizational workshops, keynote speaking, and training for your most valuable asset - your people.
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The Magic of the F.L.O. Method life assessment workbook cover

Not sure where to start? Find your life balance score!

Begin your transformation by downloading the free “Magic of the FLO Model” Kit to get your life balance score & video guide on how to improve your score

Mastery Courses Coming Soon!

How life management coaching has impacted my clients

LeAnn P.

I love the mindfulness course! I’ve only ever done meditation so this was next level!

Anon Client

I have really, really appreciated her insights and they’ve helped me grow in the direction I’ve wanted

Anon Client

I found the review sessions to be helpful!

LK Garcia

Kimberly is warm, bright, and very dedicated to helping her clients excel in their career and personal lives.

LeAnn P.

I love Kimberly!! This reset challenge helped me pick myself up and start working towards my goals again.